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Sarah offers an incredible wealth of experience not only as a beauty therapist but also a talented makeup artist. She services her salon guests at the highest of levels. 


When you arrive for the first time, Sarah will make you feel as comfortable as possible by explaining everything about the treatment and how she works so you know what to expect and feel totally at ease. She maintains the highest standards of hygiene and comfort with her beauty treatments, so you can relax with peace of mind. 


In Sarah’s words, “I am extremely lucky to be able to say for the past 6 years, I have woken up excited to go into work as a beauty therapist. I’m a strong believer that self-care is vital to your mental and physical health, taking a break from our everyday busy schedule just for ourselves to reset and relax. Helping my clients to relax or boosting their confidence and making them feel amazing is my absolute favourite part of my job”. 


Your beauty routine doesn’t have to be complicated. And – if only once in a while – everyone should make those ‘me’ moments a priority.  


To view her work, you can follow along here: 

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